Baby Powder

PHILIP – 28 years old – is being stopped by police on a Highway in Atlanta. The first thoughts of PHILIP are that this is the last situation that he needs right now. Here, he starts recapitulating the last year of his life.

PHILIP came from Tanzania to the United States to set the first milestone to a successful life by attending the University of Kansas. After graduating with a Business Degree, he felt set on his path to finding a promising job. However, things did not happen as planned, reality dawned on him after several applications being turned down, that Kansas was not the place for him. Desperately wanting to succeed he headed off to Atlanta where his old school friend, EDWIN, lives, continuing his search for success. For PHILIP, Atlanta presented itself as the city of opportunities for black graduates. PHILIP stayed with EDWIN upon arrival, but a limitation of three months was set. After this time period he needed to be in a position to take care of his own life. After the three months the pressure of finding a job kept mounting on PHILIP – his family’s needs back home in Tanzania because of his father’s illness and also EDWIN expectation of him to get a job and start helping with the bills. Settling for what he considered an odd job for a graduate, he began working at a cable company. At his new job he met MAMADO who worked at the cable company as a facade to running his is illegal business of drug dealing. Also met WARIDI, a law student, while attending to a complaint she placed with the cable company.

At the day MAMADO got arrested, PHILIP’s life changed completely – he picked up MAMADO’s illegal business and started enjoying the life of money and happiness.